Young, wild and ready to shake things up with Urban Jungle Beauty.

Urban Jungle has created inclusive brand aiming to welcome all and helping people fearlessly tackle life with swagger and confidence. Raak has helped them showcase their unique style through a one of a kind headless e-commerce experience.

  • Urban Jungle Beauty
  • Information Architecture

  • User Experience

  • User Interface

  • Technical Development

  • Headless Systems


  • Storyblok

  • BigCommerce

Urban Jungle was built on the brand new BigCommerce multi-storefront platform which allows multiple headless storefronts to be built off a single BigCommerce instance. As a BC partner we were able to build this while the platform was in beta and become on of the first partner agencies to launch on the MSF platform.

The flexibility of headless

We used StoryBlok as the headless CMS on this project. StoryBlok allowed us to build a very flexible and configurable frontend based off a component library.

Confident in design

A humble approach to the design let Urban Jungle Beauty do the talking. Whilst the e-commerce journey is familiar, clever conversion points are worked into the final site creating a vibrant experience.