An amazing headless eCommerce experience for Micador.

Micador are creators, suppliers and distrubutors of creative & educational products for artists, students and children. We helped Micador transform their eCommerce platform into an immersive interactive experience – a joy at the front but powerful in the back.

  • Micador
  • IA Strategy

  • UX Wireframes

  • UI Designs & Prototypes

  • Headless Front End Development

  • BigCommerce Integration

  • Hubspot CRM Integration

  • Vue.js

  • Storyblok

  • BigCommerce

  • HubSpot

Micador wanted to make the shift from proprietary software to a SAAS solution. Connecting with BigCommerce and Raak, the project focused on providing a headless solution – allowing for a responsive and agile approach. Connecting with exisiting ERP systems and showcasing a range of product, video and article based content was key to the project.

Every experience amazing.

From an immersive and interactive site to a classic browsing experience. Micador wanted to bring to life an app-like shopping experience allowing users to switch between ‘fun mode’ – an intuitive UI full of alternative prompts and controls – and 'all business'; a more standardised eCommerce interface created purposefully for wholesale customers, or just those who like playing it safe.

Making admin easier.

Managing content with an inventory of over 400 products and 60 activities is made easy with BigCommerce and Storyblok. Micador is empowered with a flexible CMS allowing them to create campaigns and adapt content for special occasions and upcoming sales. We also assisted Micador in the setup and integration of Hubspot, focussing on CRM utilisation and automation of communications.

Causing creativity.

Micador wanted to have a site focussed on fun, engagement and ease of use. We took the ambitious approach, creating a digital design system that lends itself to the use of dynamic colour, a tidy typographic approach and custom browsing interfaces. Fun, unexpected elements are key to the sites success with the use of additional video and imagery.

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