Growth partnerships are our focus with Australian market leader Laucke

Laucke is a premier supplier of quality flour-based products in the Australian and International marketplace. Though our Agile Growth Partnership, we worked to assist in the technical aspects of designing, developing and ongoing support of their new website.

  • Laucke
  • Information Architecture

  • User Experience

  • User Interface

  • Front End Headless Development

  • Platform Migration


  • Storyblok

  • BigCommerce

Capturing the heritage of Laucke

With origins tracing back to South Australia in 1895, Laucke Flour Mills are steeped in history. With an emphasis on commitment to exceptional products, food safety and customer service, developing their digital presence was priority for the business. The designs pay homage to the roots of the brand creating a comfortable experience for their user based back by technology which works.

We used StoryBlok as the headless CMS on this project. StoryBlok allowed us to build a very flexible and configurable frontend based off a component library.