Branding & Direction, Website Design & Development

About the Client:
Modulr kitchens are faster, stronger and offer countless options for customisation – to help you create the perfect kitchen to suit your lifestyle, in next to no time at all. In the early stages of the brand rollout, Modulr kitchens use Titusonic® ultrasound fastening technology to assemble cabinets with a completely glueless process that is quicker, cleaner and 30% stronger than traditional cabinet joinery methods.

How we helped:
Requiring a brand new name and identity, Raak created the name and entire identity. The interactive logo has been built to reflect the nature of the product itself, and will come to life with animation and further rollout. The flexible identity makes application on numerous media easy but constrained within the Brand Guidelines which we have developed. The website is in a phased launch period, but will include an interactive Kitchen Builder, making it easy for Consumers and Kitchen Installers alike to build their kitchen entirely online and sent to their door – pre fabricated. More on these updates to come…

Services provided:

  • Naming & Strategy
  • Branding
  • Brand Guide Development
  • Art Direction
  • Corporate Stationery and Collateral Rollout
  • Print & Digital Advertising Media
  • Website and Web Application UX Design
  • Website and Web Application UI Design
  • Website and Web Application Development

You can view the landing page website here

Modular Branding System

The grid system that has been developed using the values from the wordmark allow for flexible uses of the brand mark. This application will be seen in further rollout material to come.

More to come soon.

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